Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random ramblings...

Ruminating on the trials of being a Digital Immigrant I realised that that is better than not being prepared to move at all. Immigration is the first step. Hell you can move countries and create the same environment once you’ve moved – or you can get into cultural diffusion. It’s a start.

Educational issues aside I spent time last night sitting with my son, playing WarCraft in a virtual world which included known and unknown friends. Would I have chosen that game for him – not a chance . But it is the new Cops and Robbers for him right now. If he was not a physically active child I would be worrying but – it only holds his interest for a while before he craves the physical movement. I am conflicted with the virtual world some children create, and tehn don’t move beyond. But f course they could be sitting in on one dimensional space on front of a television set. Not a lot of thinking going on there.

The horrified response to my teenage daughter when she found out I was teaching IT was quite the proverbial slap. But nothing like a child to get an adult moving. I was not that bad at all – but by her standards I was not ready to take on an IT world. Was she wrong?– of course. They might be small steps but – hey I’m talking them and trying to fit them into my crazy world.

Note to self – must read the Grown Up Digital book Julie recommended.

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