Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Final Reflection

The Connected World study was a perfect example of team work. The initial planning was done in team time to provide a clear structure and so we were able to utilise the time together to really consolidate thinking.

The use of google.doc for storing documents was a new experience in sharing and editing as we went along. Truly the curriculum as a living document. The chat feature – sadly, disabled rather suddenly - had allowed thoughts to be thrown around and develop before going on to the documents.

The timeline was already created and needed only tweaking, we worked on a blogging introduction (yes blogging) and the rubric created with a lot of discussion on emphasis.

One of the things we talked about was how authentic the learning process was. We experienced as the students will be doing this week. Documents got clogged as two, or more people, tried to work on the same and so work was more clearly defined and we divided into teams to get tasks completed.

It was an excellent chance for me to listen to my future team mates and see what they planned – and then to add in my perspective from my own experiences. The technology was easy to manipulate (despite the usual challenges of internet) but left with a positive feeling that all team members are invested, and a vision of highly motivated students working on the Connected World project.

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