Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging (Rambling) On...

Working in a tech savvy team means I am exposed to lots of new (to me) ideas. I am trying hard to do new things in new ways but it is human nature to make links. Yesterday when using Google Earth – to take a trip back in history to the Cradle of Civilisation – the first thing I did was get the students to find their own houses, their friend’s house, a holiday place… – because they are so interested in themselves that unless they have dealt to the personal – they are not ready to move on and learn. The same can be said of adults no doubt.

IT constantly blends process and product. The choices of how to present something, where and to whom is so broad it is exciting.

The realisation mid lesson that we have gone beyond what I know in technology because students move so fast, means we all learn from each other. Some students are so passionate about a program that they know great tricks – I love it because the quality of the lesson improves instantly, and it is truly a learning community.

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