Sunday, March 1, 2009

Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks – An oxymoron

There is nothing ‘personal’ about learning networks. Once ‘it’ is one the web it is there forever. We’re told that over and over – so as a totally reflective learner who mulls matters over, changes my thinking and constantly connects to new ideas – it is with a many false starts that I sat down to write blogs. Do the reading – sure. Talk about it – not a problem. Write about it – not yet thank – maybe in a month – or more.

“We must also be adept at negotiating, planning, and nurturing the conversation with others we may know little about -- not to mention maintaining a healthy balance between our face-to-face and virtual lives” Will Richardson (World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others)

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  1. Hmm... I'm not sure I agree with this statement at all:

    There is nothing ‘personal’ about learning networks.

    Personal does not equal private. Personal means that I created my network, it's center is me, I am connected to everyone and everything within my network, my network revolves around me. That's how a personal learning network is personal. Nobody said it was private :)