Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beginning thoughts...

What I hoped to get out of the course to date was time to ‘play’ with technology and embed it in my work and IT in order to improve learning and communication. Improved comfort level with IT and a chance to meet and work with people I don’t know yet. What I am finding is that I have TOO much to find out about and absolutely no time right now to do so. Constantly feeling in a fog and overwhelmed, considering bailing but I know that all of ‘this’ will be still here to absorb and use and I just have to realize that because it does not get my best effort now – doesn’t mean that it won’t later. That this community of experts and learners I move in is here to teach me – and I will indeed pass that on to others.

I’m excited by things like cluster maps that will spread the message further in charities I am involved in, such as Operation Smile. I see far reaching opportunites there . Must get on to that!

Skyping personally is great but I want to use it more as am ‘expert’ link – or motivator for teaching. Yes – old ideas new ways – but someone will push me further.

I fear this is going to end up a list of things I still have to do! Someone out there will make me!

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