Tuesday, March 3, 2009

PLN Revisited

It has to be said that I under-utilise my PLN.

On the positive though…The RSS feed I set up a year ago – following the advice of my personal IT assistant in the next room (Ross Tague), whose wake I am traveling in at times, has saved me hours of scouring the net. Refining key words has improved the news streamed to me. My day often starts off reading articles in my RSS.

Moving beyond my safety zone of programs – Microsoft Office etc when teaching Intro to Technology has been a shift.

I tend to use people who know, rather than figuring it out myself, though think there is more than one down side to this - and I think of the teenage Zolan who pulled computers apart, rebuilt them and sold them . Right now I am happy to adopt and adapt. Oh my – I am an immigrant!.

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